Volume 21: On the Bus

Welcome to the twenty-first installment of Open Book. If it’s your first visit, click here for a little background.

Today, we’re going to talk about the bus—specifically about the Megabus, or any of the other budget bus lines that shuttle people between cities all across the country. If you’ve never ridden one of these buses, consider yourself lucky. It probably means that you make a lot of money, and despite the knee-buckling surge of envy I’m currently experiencing, I’m happy for you. Really. But if you have found yourself boarding one of these monstrosities, then welcome, friends. Prepare to commiserate.

Volume 5: Back to School

Welcome to the fifth installment of Open Book. If it’s your first visit, click here for a little background.

On my way to work today I got stuck behind a school bus. My pre-caffeine morning haze was such that I smelled the exhaust before I even visually registered it was there. And as we slowed to approach a red light I saw something I wasn’t expecting: little sneakers and faces behind the glass, moving around and kicking each other and standing up on the seat, all in just the first ten seconds I watched them. They looked restless, like noodles tumbling in a pot of boiling water. What kid wouldn’t be fidgety? Summer here is still in full, golden swing, and I know from years of experience that, no matter how enticing the prospect of a new school year can be, it’s tough to let vacation go. It was hard even for me to see it from my adult-ish vantage point.  August 20th was a lot sooner than I had expected to see buses carrying students to school.