Volume 25: Up North

Welcome to the twenty-fifth installment of Open Book. If it’s your first time here, click here for a little background.

Moving sucks.

I feel I have the authority to say this because, as of this summer, I have officially lived in five different apartments over the past five years. I’ve reassembled my IKEA bed so many times I don’t even need the cryptic directions anymore.

But it’s not just the packing and box-lugging that make moving terrible. I think what sucks more than anything is the fear. Fear that that you’ve chosen the wrong place, the wrong price, the wrong roommates. Fear that the neighbors will be the kind from hell. Fear that you’re somehow hurtling in the wrong direction but tough shit ’cause now you’re legally obligated to stay out the one-year lease. Fear, most broadly, of all the nebulous unknowns.

Volume 20: Moving On Up

Welcome to the twentieth installment of Open Book. If it’s your first visit, click here for a little background.

It’s been a while, friends. And a lot has gone down. I left my job at Down East, moved from Maine, and relocated to New York City. It’s the place I’ve dreamed of living ever since my first visit at age 16.